Once again, before I know it, the semester has flown by. It’s crazy to think how after this term ends, I only have one semester left as a student (possibly, in my entire life!!). Hm – the thought of working is scary, but at the same time, sort of exciting too. I’ll miss my (too often) mid-afternoon naps though.

That being said, this semester has been an exercise in getting my feet  back onto the ground (although, the amount of head-space I have dedicated to toku is ridiculous). What’s always terrible is how inflexible my mental state is – it always takes me ages to become comfortable in a new situation, and once I do, time’s up and the situation’s changed. But what has been great about this semester, though, is how open everything feels, how there are possibilities everywhere. I don’t think I’ve really grasped how lucky a position being a student is; and even though I spend most of the days cooped up in my room (on Tumblr), I’m trying to make the most of this newly-realised freedom.

There are things I’m starting to like about this semester’s Rei-En, even if she’s still as socially anxious as ever. Sure, she’s prone to the occasional flare of anger and sometimes finds herself in a pool of self-pity, but she’s still pretty cool. Although I’m not sure if this is also because this Rei-En draws on her not-so-secret love for toku as a secret source of happiness and strength, but even so – what does it matter, am I right?

Keep on keeping on!

(Also: got punched in the jaw during Fight Club today – it wasn’t a very hard hit, but man!, did I feel that reverb in the back of my head.)