Once again, this semester has been a struggle with weight and body-image issues (although honestly, I spend half of my life worrying and the other half going screw that). I thought I was doing pretty well not being too obsessive with “being healthy” (whatever that means!) but 公公’s (admittedly well-meaning) “小孩子圆圆才可爱。” weighs a little too heavily on my mind – see the pun I made there!

But then again, as much as I may say I wish I were in a different body, this semester has also been about learning what I’m physically capable of. Fight Club has made me realise that muscle memory from Taekwondo hasn’t faded but also that dodging punches is a lot harder than it looks; the Spartan Race, that I’m actually able to scale walls that are one and a half times my height; that I’m back at a level of fitness where trekking up a mountain is nothing (admittedly, maybe it’s less of me and more of the mountain!).

At the very least, #rangerfit is the best source of motivation.